EYP Belarus
A programme for young people,
run by young people

What we do

EYP is a non-profit, non-partisan educational programme for young people from all over Europe. We simulate the sessions of the European Parliament in a non-formal way − with Teambuilding games and cultural activities. We aim to inspire and empower young Belarusians to become open-minded, tolerant
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Why we do it


We help you get to know Europe, understand how its institutions work and how they interact with Belarus. We want to raise awareness of European issues and encourage active citizenship.


We believe you understand people from abroad by getting to know their culture. We give you a chance to work with them, exchange your experience and have fun together. We promote intercultural dialogue and diversity of ideas and practices.


By participating in EYP young people improve their English, learn to work in an international environment, to properly discuss and debate on controversial topics, understand the work of the EU, work on media skills and travel around the Europe.
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Do you want to find new friends from all over Europe, improve English skills, develop yourself, learn how the European Union works, travel and take an active part in the unique educational opportunity in Belarus?

If yes, EYP Belarus is definitely for you!

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